The FCC, or the Federal Communications Commission has published its certification for a Class II permissive change. This change would be for a PS Vita 2000 model. This naming is not surprising, as this is the same style of naming they did for the PSP system, and I’m happy to see it return. The report has been updated since the one that was posted in 2013, changing from 2.0 to 2.2. There were a lot of changes and you can find the entire list over at, but I’ll list out the things that gamers like me, who are extremely into the system but not into modding or anything like that for example would want to know.

The LAN adapter manufacturer has switched from Sony, to Foxconn, as well as changing the antenna gain for Bluetooth. It was originally -2.1 dBi, and it is now 0.73 dBi. They previously also made the headphone jack, yet are changing that to a supplier known as Goertek now as well. Besides that one change, the battery seems to be the same as before. This means that the battery life will be similar to before, something surprising to me because I remember the different PSPs had very different battery lengths. The rated power is also still the same.

There are more changes than this I’m sure, but I don’t know how this is going to effect the system itself. The changes seem to be mostly manufacturing cost based, so I’m on the fence about this update. I’m happy to see the aren’t getting rid of or ignoring the vita. I really enjoy the system and while it has it’s annoying points, so does every system. But as a lover of Sony, and a lover of the Vita, I’m interested to see where this update takes the system.

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