Xbox One exclusives Rise of the Tomb Raider and Forza 6 may have had their release dates leaked early by Amazon France.

What can only be assumed to be two of Microsoft’s planned announcements during their E3 press conference next week, Amazon France posted dates for each of the titles before replacing them with a December 31, 2015 placeholder, but not before the dates were caught and captured.

Screenshots taken before the dates were changed reveal that Rise of the Tomb Raider may arrive on Xbox on November 13, while Forza 6 will race out on September 18.

While the dates are not definitive releases, Amazon France does have a history of outing accurate information regarding games and release dates prior to when they are formally announced. Both titles are expected to be part of Microsoft’s fall lineup, with Rise of the Tomb Raider specifically filling a void in the calendar year since Uncharted 4 was delayed out of the year on PlayStation 4.

Rise of the Tomb Raider, after being revealed as a timed exclusive for Microsoft, was teased last week with a cinematic trailer that found Lara in the snowy tundra looking for some answers. Forza 6 was revealed earlier this year, but recently leaked details showed the game will reportedly have 450 cars and “breathtaking graphics.”

Let us know below if you think these release dates are legit – and while you’re there, tell us if you’ll be setting aside time this fall for Lara or Forza.

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