Update: A cleaned up Reddit weapon leak has surfaced.

Nintendo has been constantly updating Splatoon since its release. With weapons, maps, and even new modes on the way – its hard to see how people will get bored with this messy shooter anytime soon.

And some people just couldn’t wait to see the content. @NWPlayer123 is claiming credit for the mining that took place, streaming new content to his Twitter feed. The extensive Neogaf post, which includes links to pictures for all the weapons, included details for the new mode, Rain Maker.

Rain Maker will consist of capturing a bomb, which you must transport to get to the teams base. There you explode the bomb, covering their base and effectively winning the game. Although details for tower control haven’t been leaked, its pretty obvious that the mode will involve controlling a tower in the center of the map. A picture has been leaked of the tower itself.


The post on Neogaf includes details for 33 new weapons, including images. Some are for weapons already released, this time with different special abilities. But perhaps the most exciting for weapons, is what appears to be details for a shotgun being added into the game.

There are also screenshots of a new stage, Skyscraper, in the early stages.


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