This is one for the books: PayPal has helped confirm the Steam summer sale dates. According to multiple Reddit users, Paypal sent out an email confirming the recently leaked dates of June 11-21.

Steam is known for having multiple yearly sales, with one at the beginning of each season, and for special holidays. Being the largest online distribution for PC gaming, Valve has helped to craft a reasonably priced market for anyone interested in PC gaming.

The sale, for the 10 days that it is on, will rotate ‘flash sales’ every 8 hours. Flash sales offer the chance for customers to vote on what set of games they would like to see on sale. The sale also offers new daily deals every 24 hours, while the previous days deals will also remain on sale, totaling 48 hours that the daily deal games are on sale for.
Each developer who is interested in putting a game up for sale opts in, with the max percentage off they are willing to drop to. This will range anywhere from 5-95% off, with games going as low as just a few cents in some cases.

Guard your wallets, the sale is coming.

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