Good things come to those who wait?

The Last Guardian, after reportedly being in development since its first reveal  in 2009, was recently re-revealed at this year’s E3 to be headed to the PlayStation 4. Scheduled to be released sometime in 2016, Sony has high hopes riding on the game.

In an interview with Metro, Sony’s European CEO, Jim Ryan, revealed the company hopes to turn The Last Guardian into a critical darling and a financial success.

Team Ico, developers behind the game, previously developed Ico and Shadow of the Colossus for PlayStation 2. Both games received generally outstanding reviews from critics, but failed to sell as much as a company would hope. Ryan hopes this trend can be reversed with The Last Guardian.

“But my organisation did not perform particularly well with either Ico or Shadow Of The Colossus,” Ryan said. “I have berated them for this, and said, ‘We have to do better with this game’. And we’ll certainly give it our very best shot.”

Ryan further said, “We have to have a balance, not just in terms of games that have a better guarantee of selling but also those that appeal to different kinds of people. We can’t suddenly abandon the audience we’re already serving,” when asked about taking risks on games that don’t fall into “safe” guaranteed to sell categories.

Do you think The Last Guardian will wow critics and warrant a purchase from gamers? Let us know your thoughts below, and bask again in the 2015 E3 trailer.

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