Two new models for the PlayStation 4 have been leaked if we can believe a revelation by Dualshockers into certain documents picked up off the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) site. The documents are supposed to show the new specifications of the models along labels. The new variants of the PS4 are numbered CUH-1215A and CUH-1215B and comes with a testing kit,  DUH-T1200AA.

According to Dualshockers the “15” indicates the region and that number will change depending on the region the variants are intended to be sold in, making them more suitable as CUH-12XXA and CUH-12XXB. The differences between the 2 variants seem to be hard drive size, while CUH-12XXA has 500GB of hard drive, the CUH-12XXB model will have 1TB of storage instead.


Labelling of new PlayStation 4 variants.

Labelling of variant 1215A

Labelling of variant 1215B.

Labelling of variant 1215B

Another difference pointed out by IGN is the power source which was “250 watts, it’s now 230 watts. Similarly, amperage has also changed from 2.5-1.15 amps to 2.3-0.95 amps.” The final difference being the weight is reduced form 2.8kg to 2.5kg though the cases appear to remain the same which makes the change in weight unclear.

According to Dualshockers “The fact that only the second digit has been changed from the previous CUH-11XX model seems to indicate an evolution of the internal components and not a full redesign, that according to Sony’s numbering standards would normally be marked by a change of the first digit of the model number” meaning we probably won’t see any major outward change like the PS3s cycle, but we will see internal upgrades.

It’s quite possible an announcement for new designs is coming soon at Sony’s E3 conference.

Sources: Dualshockers, IGN.

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