Described as a game featuring cyberpunk bartender action; Va-11 HALL-A. You the player will be tasked with tending to the drinking needs of the patrons of the bar VA-11 HALL-A; known to all as “Vallhalla”, you’ll be providing them with drinks to drain their worries away as you hear more about the world and how dystopian it is.

Sukeban Games, the modest team behind this interesting game, are a group of people who are very much into Japanese pop culture and video games; which led them to having interest in developing video games. VA-11 HALL-A is their first foray in the development cycle.

With an amazingly simple yet detailed artstyle that is inspired by the team’s love for old Japanese adventure game graphics and an incredibly ambient soundtrack, VA-11 HALL-A has an extremely exciting and very interesting premise and look. Furthermore, the site promises a branching storyline that have decisions made through the drinks you serve customers and from that, learn different parts of the story through them.

You can download and play the demo on the site; you just have to enter $0 on the pre-order section. However, if you like what you played or you want to support these developers, you can buy into the game to get the demo prologue as well as the entire game for $4.99 USD. You can also get the amazing soundtrack for an additional $3 bucks.

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