Have you ever stayed home from work or school to play your favorite video game? Is that video game League of Legends? The University of California is now offering a class in League of Legends. This comes not long after the announcement of collegiate teams.

It is a completely legitimate class that was organized by students, and you actually get class credit for it. Cameron bates, the head organizer for the class, said that league has a reputation of being a ”grade destroyer” which isn’t exactly true. League of Legends helps you with your hand eye coordination, making quick descisions and react to them in a heart beat and leaves you constantly thinking throughout the entire game. Isn’t that sort of what school is? Constant thought, learning and problem solving?

I strongly feel that this will be something implemented into other schools, and I think it’s an absolutely brilliant idea.  What are your thoughts on this? Would you take a course in League of Legends?

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