Rare has been an industry giant for 30 years now, as hard as it is to imagine. Some of the most well-revered games (and a few not-so-revered ones) have been created by the developer since it was founded in little Twycross in England.

So to celebrate, Microsoft revealed last week at San Diego Comic-Con that there will be an 18″ x 24″ limited edition vinyl soundtrack for the cult classic Battletoads. The vinyl will also come with all 30 games from the upcoming Rare Replay collection, which includes classics like Banjo-Kazooie, Perfect Dark and, of course, Battletoads.

The cover illustration was designed by Nick Gazin, the well-respected Brooklyn-based artist who had previously worked on Run the Jewels, and the music was composed by David Wise.

If you want a copy you had better be quick, because the print is limited to just 400 units, and only 300 copies of the soundtrack will be produced.

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