We already had an idea that Fallout Shelter was a success. Now, we know just how successful the mobile game really is.

According to research firm SuperData, Fallout Shelter earned $5.1 million in the first two weeks it had been out. This is an impressive figure, especially considering Bethesda had mentioned that Fallout Shelter was not designed to make money.

This can be seen in the fact that the game’s microtransactions are limited to a specific part of the game. Players are not restricted from playing as much as they want. The only thing you can spend money on is lunchboxes, which reward players with in-game items and characters. These can be earned by playing, not forcing gamers to spend money to enjoy the game.

Fallout Shelter was released during the same week as E3. The game quickly rose to the number one spot on both the Top Free and Top Grossing charts of the iOS store. Last month, the title added its first character from Fallout 4. It has also added a photo mode, which allows players to capture and share images of the Vault they have designed.

Fallout Shelter is available on iOS. An Android version of the game is on the way. Shelter’s base game, Fallout 4, is due in November for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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