Have you ever wanted to play Grand Theft Auto V as an RPG? Now you can with an upcoming mod.

User LogicSpawn is creating a mod, dubbed GTA V: RPG, that turns the hit title into an RPG. The mod includes skill trees, looting systems, and a number of other tweaks to the game. You can also befriend NPCs, who can affect how the game play out.

LogicSpawn has also overhauled Grand Theft Auto V’s skills. Normally, you build up your driving, flying, and shooting abilities by playing the game, but do not have a choice over what skills you have. In GTA V: RPG, you have an ability tree, with different skills for your user made character and vehicles.

GTA V: RPG is available now at LogicSpawn’s website. Be careful, as some mods have been reported to have malware. LogicSpawn is also working on making the mod compatible with the traditional Grand Theft Auto V, which will allow gamers to play through the normal story with all of the mod’s features.

GTA V: RPG is just one of a number of mods that have been popping up for Grand Theft Auto V. Other mods include riding in KITT from Knight Rider, or playing as superheroes such as Captain America and the Hulk.

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