Halo 5: Guardians will be the latest installment in the extremely deep Halo universe that has developed ever since it’s inception with Bungie back in 2001. The extensive story has followed iconic war hero Master Chief through many battles and he has undoubtedly saved man kind many times, but the premise this time seems to be that everything is not quite what it seems to be!

In the midst of a new threat to humanity, Halo 5: Guardians is planning to flesh out everything about Master Chief’s backstory, giving us the details that many may not know about stretching back before Halo: Combat Evolved. Once again 343 is finding ways to not only create new content for the franchise, but tie in and expand upon already existing elements that have not been fully covered in an attempt to continue to stay true to the feeling that Halo has developed over 14 years of games.

“I think we’ll have done a good job if people are shocked at the end of the game and surprised by the direction that [we] took”

Frank O’conner conveyed their goals of renewing interest in the franchise and taking the players places they didn’t maybe expect to go. We know so far that there will be two spartan squads in the game. Master Chief’s who are all trying to continue the fight against the forerunners and Spartan Locke’s who is tasked with finding and capturing The Master Chief for an unrevealed reason. Halo has always been a franchise that was focused on it’s story and 343 looks to be promising more of the same.

Halo 5 will becoming to Xbox One on October 27th this year, as the second part of the new Halo Trilogy.

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