The Palutena amiibo, the newest of the collectible figures from Nintendo, is available today exclusively on Amazon starting at 5pm EST. Amazon has said they have “ample amounts in stock” but they do expect to sell out quickly still due to a high demand for the amiibo. Quantities are limited to one amiibo per customer and one click ordering is unavailable, so you will have to manually go through the order process. Here are some easy ways to ensure you can get the amiibo fairly easy.

1. Be on time- Palutena is going to sell out fast, Amazon has basically assured that. Though not as fast, as the other amiibo, you will only have a short window it looks like. So make sure you are on Amazon ready to go before 5pm and start clicking furiously as soon as that time comes around.

2. Make sure your information is correct- Since one click ordering is unavailable, you will have to go through the process of verifying your information. It is best to check ahead of time that Amazon has the correct credit card and address on file so you are not scrambling to find that information or type it in at the last minute when time may not be on your side.

Those are just couple of easy ways to get the amiibo. Do these things correctly and efficiently and you are almost guaranteed to receive a package with your brand new Palutena in the mail soon. If you are somehow not able to get it, Nintendo has hinted at the amiibo potentially coming to other retailers in the future, but no timetable has been announced, nor has it been confirmed.

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