Fallout 4 got a huge amount of time at E3, but no further game details have been released in about a month until today. At Quakecon 2015, we were given lots of new details, mainly detailing the companion aspect of Bethesda’s massive upcoming RPG.

Dog Meat, the dog companion that we have seen in the game footage so far, is actually based off of the lead designer’s dog. They recorded some sequences with the real dog to try to make Dog Meat feel as real as possible in-game.

One of the characters you’ll meet in Fallout 4 is named Preston Garvey, who leads the Commonwealth Minutemen faction. You can join this faction, which is based in Concord, Massachusetts. Another companion, Piper, is found near Diamond City, a settlement in the ruins of Fenway Park. She’s charismatic and can lie really well to get her way.

There are 12 possible companions with romance options for each human companion, regardless of gender, marking romance as a first time option in the Fallout franchise. You also have the option to play without a companion, and you can unlock perks for playing the game that way.

Speaking of perks, there are apparently 70 of them and each perk has a set of ranks, allowing for 275 rankings of perks.

A lot of animations are created via motion capture, but faces are procedurally animated–meaning that there are pre-defined mouth movements that correspond to letters and syllables.

You can visit Lexington, Quincy, and the ruins of Fenway Park in the Boston area of the game.

Fallout 4 is available November 10th for Xbox One, PC, and PS4. For all things upcoming Fallout, stay tuned to Gamespresso.


Source: Gamespot

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