“It’s just going crazy now.”

That’s what Uncharted 4 co-lead designer Anthony Newman said in this week’s episode of PlayStation’s Conversations with Creators regarding the new capabilities Naughty Dog achieved graphically for the upcoming title thanks to the power of the PlayStation 4.

Newman revealed that Uncharted 4 will be more open as opposed to the linear nature of the previous games in the series, attributing the possibility to do so to the new hardware of the PS4.

“One thing we tried to with The Last of Us, and it was really challenging because we pushed the memory of the PS3 to the limit, was have more open environments,” Newman said. “We really wanted to give more player choice; a greater sense of freedom; and kind of exploration in these levels. And that’s something that’s even better for Uncharted with Nathan Drake’s incredible moveset and navigation and stuff. So one thing that we’re definitely doing is we’re opening it up a lot more. And the memory of the PS4 is definitely allowing us to do that.”

Newman also revealed that the cutscenes included in the game will be in real-time for the first time in the series.

“We’re actually doing real-time cutscenes in Uncharted 4, which is a new step for us,” he said. “You’re not going to see those black bars that we used to have in between gameplay and cutscenes. That’s going to let us be so much more expressive and really get that seamless-ness between the storytelling and the gameplay. Which we already do very well, but it’s going to allow us to take it to that next level.

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