Activision have published the debut trailer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s fourth and final expansion, Reckoning.

The DLC launches August 4th for Xbox One & Xbox 360 and on PC, PlayStation 3 & PlayStation 4 about a month later. Included in the DLC are four new multiplayer maps: Overload, Quarantine, Fracture & Swarm, as well as the final chapter in Advanced Warfare’s Exo Zombies mode.

The next chapter, named ‘Descent’ continues the story of soldiers played by celebrities. The group discover that the character that actor John Malkovich plays, Oz, becomes a zombie. There’s always one isn’t there?

Descent is set on a survival facility in the middle of the ocean and will include new ‘fused’ zombie enemies (who are briefly shown in the trailer) and an all new Trident Reflected Energy weapon, this gun is also in the trailer and looks like a LOT of fun.

The new DLC, as well as the previous three, are all available to buy for $15 each. They are also available at a discount through the $50 Advanced Warfare DLC pass.

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