In a recent comment via Twitter, Platinum Games director Kenji Saito said that he would love to work on either a Kill la Kill or Berserk game.

Considering the high-action over the top violence of both series, it would seem to be a perfect fit for Platinum Games. However, Saito still has his work cut out for him with Transformers: Devastation coming out this fall.

Platinum still has a slew of other games currently in the works, including Star Fox Zero, Scalebound, the aforementioned Transformers, and the new Nier game.

Even if such a game came to fruition, it would have its work cut out for it. Attack on Titan: Humanity In Chains, another anime inspired game, was poorly received by critics and widely regarded as a flop. But with Saito at the helm, things may end differently. Saito has previously worked on Metal Gear: Revengeance and Bayonetta, along with the Viewtiful Joe franchise; he’s no stranger to directing games.

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