The long anticipated game, Star Citizen has been making bounds and leaps in development, but their FPS portion called Star Marine, has been delayed. The FPS portion of the game has run into some major technical difficulties with many issues on the networking side of things.

Many parts of the game have to be completely redone in order to work in conjunction with Star Citizen, such as the Game Instance Manager (or matchmaker) and the game client itself. There was no estimated delayed release date given for Star Marine, as these issues are much more than your average complication, but the team also assures us that the down time isn’t being used to only rectify these issues barring release, but also improve and tweak other things to be near perfect on release, or add in additional content.

According to Chris Roberts himself, it comes down to a matter of quality. “There are several issues that will need additional time in order to deliver the first iteration of the gameplay we want you to experience,” he said.

For a look at the FPS module you can check out the video below and for more on the development please take a look at the full letter from the chairman on the blog.

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