In February, Xbox One had an update which allowed support for USB keyboards – now, Microsoft is alluding to the possibility for computer mouse support to come.

Or at least, that’s what Xbox boss Phil Spencer told a fan on twitter. The fan mentioned that the Xbox would require mouse support in order for PC to Xbox streaming to happen, and Spencer replied: ‘Yep, keyboard and mouse support for Xbox would need to be there for this to work, those aren’t far away.’

This is of course will be very exciting in a couple of years; don’t expect the head boss’ ‘far away’ to mean something remotely close to now. He’s working on a much bigger scale, and as Microsoft focus on the Xbox One to PC streaming functionality through Windows 10, they’ve got their hands full for now.

Spencer went on to tweet, ‘I like the idea of Windows 10-to-Xbox One streaming, but don’t have a plan yet.’

The idea of mouse and keyboard support on the Xbox One isn’t a new concept, Microsoft were talking about it before the Xbox One even launched back in 2013. PC to Xbox One streaming has been in the books since the beginning of this year too, and it all links back to Skyne- I mean, Microsoft’s vision for the future of Xbox games.

Those who are testing Windows 10 at the moment can already stream Xbox One games to PC, before the rest of the public who will have access to the new operating system next week.

Spencer also teased about the dates for Windows 10 becoming integrated with the Xbox One; as far as we know it’ll be ‘post-summer’ with more information to come ‘soon’.

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