The latest team-up for the Marvel Heroes universe is the hyper-violent character Carnage, but buried in the character’s reveal is another nostalgia-laden reunion: Carnage & Green Jelly.

In the introduction trailer below, you can also hear the villain’s theme from Spider Man & Venom: Maximum Carnage, a song from the still-active rock band: Green Jelly. The group is most likely better known for the controversy surrounding it’s name (pronounced Green Jello), and for the fantastic music video for ‘Three Little Pigs’. But Green Jelly also did the entire soundtrack for the 90’s video game: Maximum Carnage.

Gazillion thought this would be a great way to revisit the character’s video game history while introducing him to the Marvel Heroes universe. Chris Baker, the current senior PR and social media manager for Gazillion described the idea for the team-up as:

something in the spirit of the Green Jelly song ‘Carnage Rules’, which was licensed for Maximum Carnage in the 16-bit days. On a personal level, that game made me a fan of the character, and I don’t think I’m alone there. Eventually we just decided, ‘Hey, why not just reach out to the band for the actual song?’

The video which Baker says:

starts with the exact same driving guitar riff you heard when you booted up Maximum Carnage on your Genesis or SNES

came together in just the last week. Baker also says:

We’re super thankful to Bill Manspeaker, the band’s founder, for being so easy to work with and to the Marvel games team for being on board with the idea.

As for describing the gameplay for Carnage, Baker says the character is:

exactly what you want him to be during actual gameplay–lots of hand axes and other relentless symbiote-based attacks, plus dialogue that lives up to his name. I love my current Domino Team-Up, but I think she’s going to be benched for a while now.

Carnage was released on Friday along with an update to Cable, who got a bunch of new moves and a playable version of War Machine.

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