Civilization V

Civilization series sells 10 million units in one year.

The fun and addicting Civilization series has reached 31 million units sold. In the last year the franchise has sold 10 million units. That’s pretty impressive.

The fifth installment was overwhelming popular even to newcomers of the series. I was stranger to the series, and fell in love with the game.

It is unfortunate that Civilization: Beyond Earth wasn’t as well received as the prior title. Despite this fact, the franchise still sold a great number of games. Firaxis Games hopes that the ‘Rising Tide’ expansion will fix the game for the better. If the expansion does as well as Firaxis’s expectations, the sales are likely to grow even larger.

Many new features will be added to Beyond Earth by the expansion. Some new features are, colonizing the ocean, dynamic leader traits, new and enhanced diplomatic options, four new factions, and more. Rising Tide will be available Fall 2015 for the PC. More details are available in the link below.

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