The list of Xbox 360 games that are backwards compatible with the Xbox One is growing. Although it is still too early to know the entirety of the list, we do know the over two dozen titles that are currently available.

Some may think it’s a slow start, but Microsoft executive Mike Ybarra states that around one hundred titles will be playable on Xbox One “this holiday” with hundreds more expected to follow. It, being only August, gives them ample time to release those games currently in transition. The games are currently only available to Xbox One Preview Program members (invite only).

The complete Xbox One backward compatibility list as of August 3rd can be read below, with more to be released at incremental times before the holiday period.

  • A Kingdom of Keflings
  • A World of Keflings
  • Alien Hominid
  • Banjo-Kazooie
  • Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts
  • Banjo-Tooie
  • BattleBlock Theater
  • Defense Grid: The Awakening
  • Gears of War
  • Gears of War 2 (planned)
  • Gears of War 3 (planned)
  • Gears of War: Judgment (planned)
  • Geometry Wars: Evolved
  • Fallout 3 (planned)
  • Hexic HD
  • Jetpac Refuelled
  • Kameo
  • Mass Effect
  • N+
  • Perfect Dark
  • Perfect Dark Zero
  • Shadow Complex
  • Small Arms
  • Super Meat Boy
  • Toy Soldiers
  • Toy Soldiers Cold War
  • Viva Pinata
  • Viva Pinata Trouble in Paradise

If you don’t see the games you want on the list, you can always vote for what games you would like to see converted over at the Backwards Compatibility forum, and as always stay tuned to Gamespresso for updates to the current list.

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