Crackdown 3 impressed with a first look that showed off a 100 percent destructible city, but that functionality will only be available in multiplayer.

According to ReAgent’s Dave Jones, this advanced physics processing relies on cloud power, and thus is only available in the Xbox One-exclusive’s multiplayer. “Yes, destruction is exclusive to the multiplayer mode,” said Jones in an interview with IGN. “You have to be online for multiplayer, and at that point we can connect to the cloud and really expand the experience.”


So you won’t be toppling buildings or leveling city blocks in single player, both due to the lack of cloud power and because it doesn’t make sense in Crackdown’s context.

“No, you can’t destroy buildings in single-player, and in some respects that goes against the grain of what Crackdown is,” Jones said. “You’re meant to be saving the city, so we really wanted to create a new multiplayer experience that bent that.”

Previous Crackdown games have included cooperative multiplayer, but Crackdown 3 ups the ante by adding destructibility. ReAgent are yet to specify the game’s multiplayer modes, but Jones did say, “It’s a multiplayer experience that is more than just a simple deathmatch”.

Crackdown 3 still has no exact release date, though Jones has narrowed it down to Summer 2016. He also detailed that the game takes place in an all-new city, and features more customisation options, including the ability to play as a female agent.

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