Fans of destruction rejoice! Just Cause 3’s latest trailer shows plenty of what made Just Cause 2 so popular, but with a few new additions. Explosives, sniper rifles and even zip-lines and helicopter stunts are old hat for anyone who experienced the open world action romp Just Cause 2, so it’s a good thing there are some seriously exciting new features. Wingsuits, procedural destruction and multiple grapple hooks are just some of the new features demonstrated in this bombastic new trailer:

Just Cause 2 was something of a sleeper hit, and saw a huge resurgence in sales with the release of an impressive fan-made multiplayer mod, so if you want to experience a new way to experience Just Cause 2 in preparation for Just Cause 3, that might be your best bet.

Developers Avalanche Studios have been a little bit tight lipped about Just Cause 3 until the last few months. Since the announcement trailer, a few short trailers and even a let’s play by prominent YouTuber Nerd^3 have surfaced since then as marketing intensifies for the game’s December 1 release. Just Cause 3 will release on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.


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