Since Windows 10’s launch a few days ago, there have been over 14 million installs and a lot of happy customers according to Microsoft. If you’re one of those to have recieved the update by now, you’ll have noticed one of the default start menu apps is an xbox app. Going into the app will reveal a dashboard similar to the one you would find on your console as well as other features like friends list, an activity feed and so on. But why is it there?

Microsoft has now published a video going into more detail about the app as well as the compatibality between your PC and your console:

The video explains some of the Windows 10 Xbox app’s features including GameDVR, screenshots and exitingly cross-platform play for upcoming titles. one of the more interesting features is Xbox One-to-PC streaming.

With Microsoft’s increasing push to bring all of their software under one roof, it will be interesting to see what else Microsoft has in store for Xbox One in conjunction with Windows 10.

Check Out This Windows 10 Xbox Overview Video [Gamespot]

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