Hey there Hunters, still going at it? Taking a break playing through various other backlog games but I’m slowly returning again just in time! It’s the first Friday of August and the next batch of free Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate DLC is revealed:

The line up of DLC this month include:

  • Challenge Quest 8: Hunt a Tetsacabra
  • Challenge Quest 12: Hunt a Nerscylla and Zamtrios, then Emerald Congalala and Shrouded Nerscylla
  • Party Challenge 2: Hunt a Frenzy Congalala and Frenzy Emerald Congalala
  • Monster Fest 5: Hunt an Ash Kecha Wacha
  • Ruby of my Eye: Hunt a Ruby Basario
  • Song of Extremes: Hunt a Gypceros with Stygian Zinogre
  • Only the Strongest Survives: Hunt a Shrouded Nerscylla and Khezu
  • The Brave Warrior: Hunt a giant Seltas
  • Bewitching Blossoms: Hunt a Pink Rathian
  • Foreboding Lightning: Take down a powered up Rajang
  • Final Episodic Quest 6: Lay of the Land, quest line provided by Monster Hunter 2’s Jumbo Village’s Chief.
    – Bonus: A Spreading Scourge unlocks Glass Royale hunting horn
    – Bonus: Mist Amid the Ruins unlocks the Pride of Hearth hammer
    -Bonus: Total Eclipse unlocks the only battle with White Fatalis
  • Purple support Palico
  • New titles and a guild card background

This DLC bundle doesn’t offer any cross promotional content this time; however, the main draw for this bundle is definitely the White Fatalis fight which many have been looking forward to in order to fine tune their amazing armor sets!

This won’t be the last DLC despite this bundle having the final Episodic Quest set and no cross promotional content. There are still loads of content underway and next month will be exciting! Remember, all of this DLC and the prior DLC is completely free so pick it up if you have Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate!

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