After their disappointing performance at TI5, Team Secret has completely overhauled their roster.  Only Puppey remains from the original roster, and now we know who will be joining him.  Team Secret enjoyed huge success before TI and this new squad will be looking to replicate that.  Puppey is of course staying on, and most likely taking over the captaincy.  He will be joined by w33, EternalEnvy, Misery, and PieLieDie.

w33 will be the midlaner for the team, a promising pubstar but his lack of experience in a professional setting could hinder him.  EternalEnvy is expected to take on the one position carry role, replacing Arteezy.    He has spoken before about no longer wanting to be captain, so it will likely fall to Puppey to captain the team, and EternalEnvy can then focus on his carry play.  Misery will take over Zai’s position on the offlane and PieLieDie will team up with Puppey to form the support duo for the team.

There are various reasons to doubt this new roster, but each individual player is clearly very talented.  The biggest issues lie with w33, who can be somewhat unreliable with his attitude and inexperience, and with Misery who has not played on the offlane for a significant amount of time. Whether or not these players can work together cohesively will decide how successful they are.

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