Microsoft has released a demo for Turn 10’s latest entry in the Forza Motorsport series on the Xbox One, the upcoming Forza 6.

The demo is available now for free to all Xbox One owners over North America and Europe, and weighs in at slightly over 12GB. The demo allows players to try out a number of the 460 cars that will be available in the game when it releases in just two weeks time.

A screenshot for the demo.

A screenshot for the demo.

The demo runs fully in 1080p 60FPS, and shows off in detail the games working cockpits of every available vehicle, damage modelling tech, wet weather and night racing effects.

It was recently reported that Forza Motorsport 6’s career mode can run up to 70 hours long, according to Turn 10 Studios. In addition to this, players that pre-order the $100 Ultimate Edition will have access to the game five days earlier than the slated release on 15th September in North America, and 18th September in Europe.

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