2929470-1Razer announced a new controller it will be releasing seemingly to compete with Microsoft’s own $150 Elite controller. The controller will be called the Razer Wildcat and will be priced at $150. Razer boasts that the controller is “pro-gamer-validated” and “tournament-grade”. In addition to the standard button layout of the Xbox One controller, the Wildcat has four buttons on top and on the back of the controller as well as a “quick control panel” on the bottom.

Razer has made efforts to create a largely customizable controller. The added back triggers are removable and the basic triggers have stops that make them more easily reach full input. Each button can be bound to any standard input and these profiles can be quickly swapped with its control panel. This can let players have different setups for every game.

The controller also stays in line with the standard controller with a 3.5mm audio jack. Other quality improvements claimed by Razer are removable palm grips, optimized weight, and a detachable 10-foot braided fiber cable.

The Microsoft Elite controller allows for the analog sticks and D-pad to be swapped out while the Wildcat does not. Razer plans to launch the Wildcat in October, the same month as Elite controller.

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