There’s new talk for acclaimed platformer Super Meat Boy to get a sequel, even though the idea was initially shot down.

If you cast your minds back to a distant time in 2010, you’ll remember what could be described as heartbreaking blog post by Team Meat’s Edmund McMillen, where he essentially cast out the idea of a Super Meat Boy 2. Now, McMillen and Tommy Refenes (creators of the adorable Meat Boy) have re-discussed the possibility – it’s starting to look more hopeful than before.

In an interview about the up-coming Super Meat Boy Forever with Game Informer, their new mobile game, Team Meat spoke about the work on their mobile game and what’s to come for them.

‘So it was kind of like this change of perspective in a way. I think kind of what we talked about was possibly working on a sequel, and it’s something that I like a lot. There are aspects of Forever–kind of almost moves that Meat Boy did in Forever that we were prototyping that felt like could be better used in a sequel. The future of Meat Boy is definitely up in the air, but a sequel is something that I wouldn’t be opposed to doing even though I said, and we both said, that we wouldn’t do it.’

‘It’s just one of those things where it’s kind of, I don’t know–I’ve had a story written for a sequel for a while, and after all the stuff that’s happened, it feels more appropriate than ever,’ he continued, ‘So yeah, I could see us doing a sequel later on for sure once we get some stuff done.’

That’s not a definite yes but it’s not the no from before; with Super Meat Boy due to come out on PS4 and Vita, along with the mobile game, a sequel doesn’t look likely for a release at the moment. Still, keep your hopes up for the return of Meat Boy in a new adventure.

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