Gearbox Softwares, 3D Realms, and Interceptor Entertainment have been duking it out (pun intended) for Duke Nukem’s rights for awhile now. The lawsuit, which would decide who would continue making the franchise (if they choose to do so) has declared Gearbox Softwares the winner.

Although all 3 companies have released their own statements, its fair to say the jest of it is they never meant to do any damage to one another, they are glad Gearbox Software got it, and the details will be remaining private.

Interceptor Entertainment has switched their Duke Nukem Mass Destruction game into Bombshell, and the game will be launched under that name. With each company claiming to keep the Duke Nukem franchise in their best interests, they decided that the IP should have one rightful home.

After so many years of video games being around, being a home for those interested in living vicariously, its a little disheartening to see how many companies are ready to go at one another over a franchise.

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