The new Hitman game won’t be released like a traditional video game. Instead, its content will launch episodically over time in a bid to keep the community alive for the game. Executive producer Hannes Seifert had this to say.

“We will be extremely precise with that within a few weeks after Gamescom,” he said about the day one content. “We know that our players need to understand what they’ll get for their money.”

Seifert went on to reiterate that the new Hitman has no microtransactions whatsoever. “There’s no option in the game to spend any money–and that’s very dear to us,” he explained.

What do you make of the game releasing in this way? Would you be happier having the whole product in your hands at launch? Arguably, this design decision will mean Hitman can be considered an episodic game along the same lines of titles such as The Walking Dead or Life is Strange.

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