When Team SoloMid faced off against Team Liquid in week 7 of the Summer Split this year, TL’s adc Piglet had an epic and game changing blind baron steal which wowed the crowd and the people watching at home.

In the semi-finals for the North American League Championship Series, TSM faced TL again, but this time the tables were turned. While Liquid were taking baron, Lustboy and WildTurtle start making their way up the river from midlane. They had no vision on baron, but WildTurtle sent off Jinx’s Super Mega Death Rocket, which hit the players from TL and the splash damage killed baron, resulting in a steal from TSM.

He pulled a similar stunt earlier this year when going against Team Impulse, but with dragon. Stealing dragon or baron is no easy feat and most of the time, using a global ult might only be to grant vision. But every now and then, a steal happens. And it’s a great feeling.

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