Although there are no plans to make such a game, Obsidian’s (Fallout: New Vegas, South Park: The Stick of Truth) project director Josh Sawyer sees a number of similarities between the developers 2010 RPG Alpha Protocol and the animated TV show, Archer.

In an interview with PC Gamer (below), Sawyer agreed that Obsidian’s Alpha Protocol and Archer bore many similarities. “It has come up actually several times of people saying, ‘Yeah, that would be a good fit. Archer Protocol,'” Sawyer said.

Sawyer specified that the two are similar in terms of look and content. “Alpha Protocol has a very realistic look to it, but it’s also kind of silly and comical in a lot of ways,” he added. “And a lot of that comedy, I think would fit…obviously, Archer is a great fit for that stuff”, elaborated Sawyer.

If the developer are genuinely interested in bringing Archer to life in a video game for the first time, then they would have to reach a licensing deal with FX.

Obsidian is currently busy with a number of projects, including ongoing support for Pillars of Eternity (a sequel is being considered, Sawyer said), as well as brand new games Skyforgen and Armored Warfare.


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