Harmonix, the creators of Rock Band and Dance Central, are set to release their upcoming game Rock Band 4 in October. Although the game is yet to release, Harmonix is already thinking of the future and what is next after Rock Band 4. On Thursday, Harmonix announced that they will launch a campaign for an “unannounced title” through the new crowdfunding platform called, Fig. The campaign is set to go up sometime this fall.

The new crowdfunding platform, Fig, is different other forms of crowdfunding. While it still offers the similar awards found in regular crowdfunding platforms, Figs also plans to offer real investment opportunities. This means that some members can gain equity in the company they fund. So if a situation like Oculus Rift happens again, where the crowdfunded VR technology was sold to Facebook for billions, backers from crowdfunding will be able to receive a percentage of payment.

Stay tuned to Gamespresso to find out more information on the upcoming title from Harmonix. Do you believe that Fig is the crowdfunding of the future?



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