The shop in Heroes of the Storm is where players can not only buy new heroes to use in battle in the game but also they can buy new mounts and new skins to customise the look of heroes. From 29th Septmeber to 6th October these are the items that will be on sale in the shop:

Murky — Sale Price: 4.19 EUR / 3.19 GBP
Grunt Murky Skin — Sale Price: 4.99 EUR / 3.69 GBP
Magni Muradin Skin — Sale Price: 4.99 EUR / 3.69 GBP

For the same period of time the following skins will also be for sale in the Americas region:

Tempest Regalia Jaina
Warden Tyrande
Kandy King Muradin
Desert Queen Zagara
Betrayer Malfurion

New skins are a great way to change up the feel of the heroes you love to play and Blizzard have come up with some cool, wacky and downright strange variations on the base models of the heroes in the game’s roster so there’s always plenty of choice when it comes to how you want to look.

Each week there are new items and heroes on offer so be sure to check back to take advantage of the savings if the one you’re looking for hasn’t come up yet.

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