The latest edition of Famitsu unveils quite a bit about one of the next big Monster Hunter titles: Monster Hunter Stories. The magazine had provided a quick summary and introduction to the story presented in the game:

Monster Hunter Stories begins in Rider Village, where the protagonist is given a “Bond Stone” after completing his trial and becoming a Rider. Together alongside his buddy Nabiru, a partner who also completed the trial, they embark on a journey to see the world outside the village.

However, there’s a disquieting shadow that approaches in the world. Mankind have began to notice a grave change in their daily lives and surroundings. Riders and Hunters will be tested with their entrusted roles, and the key lies within the Bond Stone and its hidden powers. The truth of the legend will soon be told.

While the game takes a departure from the more darker color tones, the game seems to still retain a bit of urgency in the midst of the light-heartedness. The character and monster designs look whimsical and colorful. The article gives us a look at the protagonists, the people and creatures he’ll meet and the places he’ll visit.



The protagonist looks to be a preset designed character with the option to select either a male or female. According to the article the character is a “bright, cheerful, and curious youth” who longs to become a ‘Rider’ and travel the world outside the village.









A special Felyne named Nabiru who partners up with the protagonist on their journey.








A senior Rider who ends up being the mentor figure for the protagonist and helps the fledgling fly.









The female and male childhood friend respectively. The girl is cheerful and energetic while the boy is kind and gentle who also is training to be a ‘Rider’.









The elder of the protagonist’s village. A punny old Wyverian who is kind and ever watching chief.







Felyne and Melynx, the race of cat creatures who can communicate and understand humans.





Aside from these characters, there are also some images to the various locations that the protagonists will have to pass through in order to stop this ‘disquieting shadow’ from encroaching the world. These include glaciers, forests, mountains, deserts and fields. Keen eyes will spot some monsters you’d be expected to come across as well.

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