Battlefield has been out now for almost two years. Despite the game’s age, developer DICE has released some new DLC for the game, as well as a huge patch.

Today DICE released the Night Operations DLC, which focuses on nighttime combat. The DLC comes with a new map called Zavod: Graveyard Shift. The map is based off of the Battlefield 4 map Zavod 311. Graveyard Shift is a “new map that brings with it several improvements and tweaks to allow for more stealthy and tactical gameplay.” You can check out a trailer for the map below.

Graveyard Shift will support a number of Battlefield 4’s modes, including Conquest, Rush, Team Death Match, Domination, and Gunmaster.

Alongside the DLC, DICE is releasing the “Summer Patch.” The patch will make a number of tweaks, and will bring changes to the game’s vehicles, weapons, maps, modes, and more.

Both the Night Operations DLC and the Summer Patch have been released today.