Nintendo has revealed that a new Monster Hunter X faceplate will be coming to Japan. The release is set for November.

The faceplates will be available with the new Nintendo 3DS that has the feature of interchangeable faceplates, and the faceplates can be purchased separately. The bundle comes with the new 3DS, Monster Hunter X faceplates, an AC adaptor, and 4GB microSDHC card, but it surprisingly does not include the game itself.


The Monster Hunter X system and faceplates will be available in Japan on November 28th, and will cost 17,000 yen or about $142. The faceplates by themselves will cost 2,000 yen or $17.

The new 3DS will become available in the United States on September 25th, but there is now release date set for Monster Hunter X or the Monster Hunter X faceplates outside of Japan. Avid fans of the franchise will have to import them for the time being.


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