will now let you let you play and listen to voice messages as well as find and start downloads for game demos directly in your browser.

Most of the focus on Microsoft’s software front is undoubtedly the Xbox One’s Dashboard update, the “New Xbox Experience” headed our way this November, so we’d be remiss for forgetting the other portals such as However, the team behind the website has rolled an update out with two great new features.

The first of these features is the ability to play voice messages through Just click on the message and it will begin to play straight away. There’s no heads up on if we can send a voice messages as easily just yet, but you can at least check for them anywhere you can get on the net.

The other great feature has gained is the ability to provide search results for demos. When you search for a particular title on the website, results will display telling you if there’s a demo you can download. You can then start that download straight from your browser.

These results are directly taken from fans, according to Microsoft. They do take all feedback from the Xbox Feedback website seriously, and even have a portion of the site dedicated purely to should you have a burning desire for something not yet on the site.

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