A new update for Total War: Arena, entitled “Fury of  Arminius,” has been released by Sega.

This new update for Total War: Arena introduces a new faction, map,and commander. The update also makes tweaks to gameplay, improves performance, and makes fixes based on player feedback.

The new commander, Arminius, leads a horde of barbarians who use “stealth, subterfuge, and lightning hit-and-run tactics” when in combat. The new map, called Rubicon, is “the first river crossing map” and offers “quick access to enemy camps at the threat of being caught out in the open.”

Sega explains: “Caesar’s crossing of the Rubicon River marked a pivotal point in ancient history. This new map with its open terrain and treacherous crossing marks new tactical opportunities for all factions – Roman, Greek, and Barbarian alike.”

Total War: Arena is a free-to-play, team-based strategy title that pits two 10-player teams against each other in large scale battles. Those who want to try out the title before it releases can sign up for the closed alpha here.

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