On September 18th, select preview program members will be able to get “The New Xbox One Experience”. The New Xbox One Experience is an entirely new interface that’s been completely redesigned. In addition to rolling out the new interface, Microsoft has published a lengthy video showing off the new interface.

The 8-minute video focuses on two aspects of the new interface: the main Home screen of the dashboard and the guide overlay. The Home screen looks quite different while still offering much of the same functionality as the existing one. One key changes is how it moves your pins down to the bottom of the screen. These can quickly be accessed with a pull of the right trigger, while the left trigger jumps you back up to the top.

The guide has dramatically changed, with Xbox engineering team member Richard Irving describing it as the “big focus for this preview release.” While on the Home screen, it’s now accessed by scrolling over to the left side of the screen. While in-game (or any other activity), double-tapping the Xbox button immediately brings it up without any loading time.

The New Xbox One Experience should arrive in November.

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