Well that didn’t take very long. Through their Twitter, Bungie announced that the first team has defeated Oryx in the King’s Fall Hard Mode Raid for Destiny.

The first team to accomplish this was from the Forever LivE clan. Bungie Tweeted out, “It’s official! Clan Forever LivE is the first team to complete King’s Fall Hard Mode!”

The Tweet came at 2:16 Pm, which means that the members from Forever LivE beat the Hard Mode Raid in less than 90 minutes, as it only became available at 1 PM EDT.


The raid suggests that players come in at a light level between 300 and 320. Before the Hard Mode Raid was released the highest light level a player could achieve was 310, but Hard Mode introduces higher gear that will drop between a light of 310 and 320.

“For the mechanics themselves, we shied away from simply increasing sandbox difficulty (not that it won’t be harder). You’ve had time to hone your strategies and develop a rhythm,” Gavin Irby the lead raid designer said. “Some of you might even be able to do it backwards, blindfolded, or even upside-down. Hard Mode is going to upset that rhythm. We’re going to give you one more plate to spin, and make you think on your feet.”

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