Both console versions and PC versions of Mojang’s hit game, Minecraft, have received new DLC with a Halloween theme. Mojang released a new “Halloween Mashup Pack” for the PS4 and Xbox One. The DLC includes tons of scary content including a ton of new costumes.

There will be a total of 43 new skin options included in the $4 add-on. Included is a Grim Reaper skin, which is bound to get a lot of attention. There will also be new “ghostly music and a creepy texture pack.”

Windows 10 and Pocket Editions versions of Minecraft, also receive some Halloween DLC. Mojang is offering 15 skins for 99 cents and everyone will get Iron Golem and Zombie for no charge.

The full list of skins for Windows 10 and Pocket Edition include:

  • Cow costume
  • Creeper costume
  • Enderman costume
  • Ghast costume
  • Iron Golem costume
  • Mooshroom Costume
  • Ocelot costume
  • Pig costume
  • Pink sheep costume
  • Rainbow sheep costume
  • Skeleton costume
  • Snow golem costume
  • Spider costume
  • Zombie costume

Make sure to go to your platform’s marketplace to purchase the new DLC.

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