The newest update to Yandere Simulator brings you even more tools for you to become Senpai’s one and only true love.

One of these is the ability to befriend other characters by performing various tasks for them. After you become their friend, you can ask favours of them, such as leaving you alone while you snuff out one of your competitors. 

If getting chummy with competitor’s for Senpai’s love isn’t your thing, you can always ruin their reputation through gossiping. Depending on the number of friends you have, your current reputation, and your choice of undergarments, your gossip will have varying affects on the reputation of both you and your target.

The game also gives you the ability to lower someone’s reputation outside of school. Using the game’s social network, you are able to spread rumors about other students, reducing their reputation. Should you reduce a characters reputation enough it will lead to them be ostracized by the school and will eventually lead to them committing suicide.

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