NBA Live 16 has just been released, but fans have been playing the free demo for a while now. With that, comes a few funny bugs.

People over on the NeoGAF forums have thrown out a few clips of the bugs, some being one of Kevin Love throwing a free throw in the opposite direction, a player without his midsection, someone who seems to have had his arm completely detatched whilst hanging off the rim, then have if magically grown back the minute he lets go.

A favorite would have to be this one, where the neck of the player completely elongates, reminiscent of a common glitch often seen in The Sims series. And then his arms completely disappear and we’Re not too sure what becomes of him after that point.

Bugs and glitches are regrettably a normal happening, expecially in demos and early access to games. But you would think that EA would know by now how to release a game without ridiculous bugs, right?

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