Before Hitman was an episodic stealth game (or an engrossing puzzle game), it was a fully-fledged stealth game that released as a complete and self-contained experience. The previous game in the Hitman franchise and last non-episodic title, Hitman: Absolution, is now available on the Xbox One, thanks to its Backward Compatibility service.

Larry Hryb, otherwise known as Major Nelson, recently tweeted that Microsoft has added Hitman: Absolution to the ever-growing list of backwards compatible games. As with other Hitman games, players control Agent 47 as he disguises, snipes, and garrotes his way through levels.

Hitman: Absolution sets itself apart from other Hitman games by removing the equipment selection gamers have come to associate with the franchise. Throughout the game, players only have access to what they find scattered across the various levels. Furthermore, the levels are far smaller than the standard Hitman fare. Both of these aspects add to the already strategic/tactical nature of the game and let players experiment with and perfect their means of assassination. Much of what Hitman: Absolution adds to the standard Hitman formula is seen in the most recent Hitman game, especially Instinct Mode.

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