Sony’s gaming division – the Game & Network Services – has been doing well, to say the least. PlayStation 4 has now shipped 29 million units, with Q3 ending with 4 million units shipped. This isn’t to say that they have all sold, but PlayStation 4 is certainly seeing a consistent amount of restocks.

The shipment of 4 million is up from Q3 2014, which shipped .7 million less(3.3 million in total). Sony’s Game & Network Services have also improved financially, bringing in a revenue of $3 billion during Q3 2014. (via Gamespot)

The increase in revenue was brought in by more sales in PlayStation 4, but with sales starting to go down for the PlayStation 3, it isn’t as high as it could of been. With the holiday season just around the corner, it’ll be interesting to see how well Sony operates during the Q4 2015 season, and if Microsoft will start giving us some solid numbers to look at.

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