If you have a Wii U, chances are you’re having fun with Super Mario Maker. Over 3 million levels have been made by the community of one million strong dedicated players, and the tools are so easy to pick up and use, anyone can have fun! So how can this level editor get better? The answer is free content updates.

In a press release from Nintendo, the company detailed what would be coming to the game in November. The largest of the additions is the ability to put checkpoints into your levels, just grab an arrow sign, shake it, and place. Secondly is a slightly more sophisticated use of the power-up system. Now you can edit power-up blocks to only give Mario certain power-ups if he is small or large.

As for those who just like playing created levels, the Course World is also getting some changes. Once the update goes live, Event Courses will be introduced, special levels that can only be accessed for a limited time, the first of which will be the “Ship Love” course, which was created by employees of Facebook earlier in the year. As to what makes these courses so special might have something to do with special Mystery Mushroom transformations that will be featured. But probably the biggest addition is the Official Maker section being added to Course World, which will feature “specially selected courses, including some created by Nintendo.” It’s a great idea to showcase levels made by other people in the industry like Tom Hall and Koji Igarashi, but the idea of having the masters of the craft, the Big N themselves just dishing out free Mario levels every now and then can get any fan very excited.

So mark your calenders makers! November 4th can’t get here fast enough!

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