Ubisoft is teasing a mystery new game announcement.

Ubisoft have been streaming a video of a cave painting in order to tease their new IP. A man can be seen equipped with a bow in left hand and what looks like a large spear in his right, with simulated fire flickering up in front of the wall. As of the time of writing, it also depicts a variety of red, pulsating handprints, scenes of men hunting, wolves running through a forest and an ominous cave entrance. Check out the stream here.

A variety of sounds can be heard in the background, ranging from howls of beasts to mysterious music and all-round haunting chanting. A layer of regular speech can also be heard over the top. The stream is constantly zooming out to reveal more and more of the painting, so stay tuned to see what else we can learn from it.

As you can imagine, speculation has been running wild with this new Ubisoft tease. Based on the bow and arrow and the video description that says “survival is timeless,” it is likely we will be seeing some sort of primitive survival open world game, with survival evidently a key theme of the title. Equally, lots of people believe this to be the next Far Cry spin-off. Alex Hutchinson, Ubisoft Montreal’s creative director, indicated there was no Blood Dragon 2 on the way, but another Far Cry spin-off in another setting is a definite possibility.

You can watch the Ubisoft feed below if you don’t feel like following the links:


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